CNC Milling Machines
From €1,995.00
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From €4,695.00

CNC SQ4 High Speed 60.000 Tours Minutes

12 Tool Changer - 3nm XYZ Servo Motors

Machine assemblée en Espagne selon vos spécifications

From €6,295.00

CNC SQ6 avec Changeur 10 d'outils

Machine assemblée en Espagne selon vos spécifications

From €24,995.00

CNC Pro 5 axis continuous 

22" touch screen console

Servo Motors / Reinforced Chassis - Epoxy Granite

Machining of all types of materialsMade in Spain

Spindle 4000w Automatic Tool Changer - Loader location 10 tools removed from the top, or 5 tools separated by nylon clips, removed from horizontal

Rotating and rotating plate. 300mmx300mm.

XYZ linear axes:Course X : 300mm

X-stroke: 300mm

Y stroke; 300mm

Z-stroke: 300mm

Linear speed: 10,000 mm/min - Accuracy: 0.002mm

Rotary Axes A & B:

Platter rotation (A axis): ±90°. According to X

Plate diameter in rotation on Axis B: 250mm Rotaon Infinite 360° according to the Perpendicular to axis A

Rotary axes, angular speed: 100°/s Accuracy 0.018°. either at the end of the plate by 0.04mm

Many possible options: Watering by tank/pump / compressed air jet, ......

The machine can be operated easily on 3 axes like a conventional router.

The Fourth and 5th axis being placed under the XY plane, they can be easily unlocked to free the machine on its 5 axes continuously.

Download the pdf manual

Manufacturing time: 90 days

From €2,995.00

CNC Xlab SQ4 Classic   2500w

La machine d'établi idéale pour le lunetier artisanal.

Materials machined:

Wood, PVC, Acrylic, Cellulose acetate, Aluminum, Brass, ....

From the continuous development of our CNC machines since 2015, the EVO range benefits from rigid, reliable and proven mechanics.

The software environment integrates in the same box the power control of the machine, and also the modern computer part under Windows 10 64b, as on industrial machines.

(ALL competing eyewear machines requiring a separate PC connected by serial port or USB susceptible to parasites and interference)


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