CNC Milling Machines
From €2,995.00

CNC Xlab SQ4 Classic   2500w

La machine d'établi idéale pour le lunetier artisanal.

Materials machined:

Wood, PVC, Acrylic, Cellulose acetate, Aluminum, Brass, ....

From the continuous development of our CNC machines since 2015, the EVO range benefits from rigid, reliable and proven mechanics.

The software environment integrates in the same box the power control of the machine, and also the modern computer part under Windows 10 64b, as on industrial machines.

(ALL competing eyewear machines requiring a separate PC connected by serial port or USB susceptible to parasites and interference)


sale New Pack
€2,694.99 €2,895.00 -€200.01

CNC pack to start in the manufacture of glasses

Understand :

CNC Mini X3 with controller

Machining vise for eyewear

Complete set of eCutters

Tool Height Plaster

Complete training kit via a set of e-Learning videos to design, program and cut a frame and its temples in acetate.

using your vector drawing software, using Mach3 and CamBam for cutting glasses

These videos are only accessible for our CNC customers

E-learning software and videos. available in French, English and Spanish

From €5,604.09


High Speed Spindle 24,000 -> 60,000 rpm

3nm / 24v servo motors - on XYZ Axes

Work surface 600x400mm or 400X300MM

Pneumatic tool changer

Machine assembled in Spain according to your specifications

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