From €4,695.00

CNC SQ4 High Speed 60.000 Tours Minutes

12 Tool Changer - 3nm XYZ Servo Motors

Machine assemblée en Espagne selon vos spécifications

From €7,495.00

XLab Joombo 1850x1100 - Servo XYZ 3000w

Made in Spain

1850x1100mm Z 150

Big size machine, please contat us before ordering.....

From €6,295.00

CNC SQ6 avec Changeur 10 d'outils

Machine assemblée en Espagne selon vos spécifications

From €24,995.00

CNC Pro 5 axis continuous 

22" touch screen console

Servo Motors / Reinforced Chassis - Epoxy Granite

Machining of all types of materialsMade in Spain

Spindle 4000w Automatic Tool Changer - Loader location 10 tools removed from the top, or 5 tools separated by nylon clips, removed from horizontal

Rotating and rotating plate. 300mmx300mm.

XYZ linear axes:Course X : 300mm

X-stroke: 300mm

Y stroke; 300mm

Z-stroke: 300mm

Linear speed: 10,000 mm/min - Accuracy: 0.002mm

Rotary Axes A & B:

Platter rotation (A axis): ±90°. According to X

Plate diameter in rotation on Axis B: 250mm Rotaon Infinite 360° according to the Perpendicular to axis A

Rotary axes, angular speed: 100°/s Accuracy 0.018°. either at the end of the plate by 0.04mm

Many possible options: Watering by tank/pump / compressed air jet, ......

The machine can be operated easily on 3 axes like a conventional router.

The Fourth and 5th axis being placed under the XY plane, they can be easily unlocked to free the machine on its 5 axes continuously.

Download the pdf manual

Manufacturing time: 90 days

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