Vaccum table

Vacuum clamping of your parts

Several sizes available

Any custom made possible.

€250.00 tax excl.

Tax included
Vaccum Plate:

Aluminum suction tray

Place your wooden, plastic, metal parts on this plate, the depression will plague the part for machining

Avoids Z inaccuracies due to bending during clamping and bending / suction under the passage of the cutter.

Absolute comfort in clamping.

You can wedge horizontally and vertically by placing reference pins.

Supports sprinkling by micro-lubrication.

You can work with vices etc. that you will fix on metal plates

For more efficiency the unused areas will be covered with a plastic film to optimize the depression under the part.

Connects to a chip vacuum or via vacuum generators by Venturi effect connected to your compressor.

The solution of a vacuum cleaner is illusory beyond a dimension of 400X300

Comes with a vacuum cleaner adapter

Quantity of vacuum generators to consider depending on the surface:

200x100mm: 1 to 2 or chip vacuum cleaner

200x200mm: 2

300x200mm: 4

400x300m: 4

500x400mm: 4

600x400mm: 4r separately (see: accessories)

If you order vacuum generators, the fitting of the fittings will be done by us, you will only have to connect to your compressor.

Thickness 30mm

Specific References

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