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Servo moteurs 5 nm / 36v - sur les Axes XYZ

Surface de travail 600x400mm

Changeur d'outils Pneumatique

Machine assemblée en Espagne selon vos spécifications

From €8,260.33

XLab Joombo 1850x1100 - Servo XYZ 3000w

Made in France

1850x1100mm Z 150

Big size machine, please contat us before ordering.....


Due to rapid cost changes, this rate is only guaranteed until December 1, 2022

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€356.00 €445.00 -20%

55Db Silent Compressor

dual motor

Air volume 25L

Comes with holder for connecting your CNC with tool changer


  I understand how frustrating it can be to have a software or hardware issue that you spend hours sometimes days trying to resolve.

  I  frequently receive emails from individuals who are in need of advice or guidance.  As much as I enjoy helping It has become so time consuming that I can no longer take the time needed to help. 

We all value our time so I have decided to offer technical support in blocks of 30 minutes.  I have found in the past most issues can be solved in this 30 to 60 minute time frame.  I have 15 years of experience working on industrial machinery and over the past 5 years I have been able to help many CNC enthusiasts.

From €2,995.00

CNC Xlab SQ4 Classic   2500w

La machine d'établi idéale pour le lunetier artisanal.

Materials machined:

Wood, PVC, Acrylic, Cellulose acetate, Aluminum, Brass, ....

From the continuous development of our CNC machines since 2015, the EVO range benefits from rigid, reliable and proven mechanics.

The software environment integrates in the same box the power control of the machine, and also the modern computer part under Windows 10 64b, as on industrial machines.

(ALL competing eyewear machines requiring a separate PC connected by serial port or USB susceptible to parasites and interference)



Dimensions 165mm*65** Ep 8mm


EC20 is a professional/industrial vacuum pump developed in conjunction with leading Italian pump manufacturer DVP. It is a high performance, high capacity vacuum pump designed for rapid degassing, large-scale vacuum bagging and centralised vacuum installations. EC20 is rated for continuous operation, runs quietly, and emits no oil vapour.

220/240V operation only. 

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€2,694.99 €2,895.00 -€200.01

CNC pack to start in the manufacture of glasses

Understand :

CNC Mini X3 with controller

Machining vise for eyewear

Complete set of eCutters

Tool Height Plaster

Complete training kit via a set of e-Learning videos to design, program and cut a frame and its temples in acetate.

using your vector drawing software, using Mach3 and CamBam for cutting glasses

These videos are only accessible for our CNC customers

E-learning software and videos. available in French, English and Spanish


Tungsten steel, ruby tip

Spare tip for feeler, comparator

M2.5 thread

Choice of tip length from 10 to 50mm



The CNC metal lathe. X-Turn

Entirely designed and manufactured in Spain

Spindle 2500w 18nm - 4 speed ranges - Bore 20mm

With our X-Lab touch screen interface under Mach3

This metal lathe can pass parts of ø300mm (200mm on the bed) and 480mm of center

Fully CNC controlled by servo motors, including the tailstock counter-axis

Automatic tool changer 16mm with 4 positions controlled in G-Code

Tool probe, optional part probe.

Watering with optional pump tank, ....

We start from the robust base of a metal lathe, with integral safety casing.

sale New

Palpeur a placer en remplacement de votre palpeur actuel

Il est livré avec une mise a jour spécifique de Mach3 pour une fonction de palpage plus précise

Palpage précis et mois agressifs pour vous outils coupants, grâce à la touche amortie.

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€99.95 €149.95 -€50.00
From €202.48


WIred model. Need to connect to the control station with the wire to probe

Capteur de pièce 3 Axes

Livré complet prêt à utiliser avec le module complémentaire pour Mach3

Précision diabolique. 

Pour trouver les bords,le centre et la hauteur de votre pièce en début de programme.

Précision : <0.003mm

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